All-in-one SMS

MAMI’s SMS based GSM controller/commander with 4 inputs and 4 outputs

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Product Description

The M.A.M.I. GSM AIO  All-in-one gives you the ability to control 4 relay outputs and monitor four positive triggered inputs. If one of the inputs are triggered an SMS is sent to the mobile numbers assigned to the input. The missed call functionality may be used to pulse one of the relays should a programmed number phone the unit. This means there is no charge in activating the relay making it very useful for access control. Multiple activation commands may be sent in a single SMS. These commands include ON, OFF or pulse.

The AIO All-in-one has schedules that may be used to activate and deactivate the relays at the user’s discretion.

All inputs and input states may be customized to make the SMS messages easy to understand.


Gate opener
Fire panel alarms
Monitor & Control existing alarm panels
Panic systems
Evacuation systems
Access control
Electric fence monitoring
Irrigation & pump control


Commonly used features: Input monitoring: Each programmed number has individual SMS descriptions and can be SMS'd depending on which of the 4 inputs are triggered. ON, OFF and PULSED messages are sent to programmed numbers. The messages that are sent can be customized. Typically used to monitor alarm panel outputs. Output activation: SMS the AIO to turn on, off or to pulse any of the 4 relay outputs. Remote activation of lights and appliances. Missed-call relay activation: Each number programmed into the AIO can also trigger an output using a missed call. The benefit of the missed call is that there is no cost involved in activating the relay. Typically used for opening gates. Copy Cat: Mimic the inputs of one unit on the outputs of another unit. On, off and pulsed inputs/outputs are supported. Typically used for telemetry and pump control systems. Management via USB or SMS: All of the features of the AIO are programmable remotely via SMS or via computer using the USB cable.