Door Guard II – Wireless Door Contact

Supervised Wireless Door Magnet Intrusion Detector with a range of up to 200m to receiver

R388.00 Excl. Vat

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Product Description

The Door Guard II is M.A.M.I’s wireless door magnet. It can be easily installed and interface to any of our panels.

Features like, programmable check-in time, inhibition triggers, inhibition time and battery low reporting.

With the built-in panic button there is no more need to run cables to the door magnet AND panic button, this does it all-in-one.

The Door Guard II also has a built-in Vibration / Accelerometer sensor (DG2a only).

  • Integrated reed switch
  • External input (e.g. smoke detector)
  • M.A.M.I Smart & 10+4 formats
  • Low power consumption
  • Programming zone number for tracer alarm panels
  • Separate PANIC and Trigger Zone / Channel numbers
  • Easy to install - no wires needed