Dual 100m Beam – Infrared Barrier

The dual infrared beams are an effective long range perimeter protection and can be connected to any alarm panel

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Product Description

Dual 100m Beam – Infrared Barrier PBX Infrared Barrier Beam

Is a barrier beam with two 100/200m active beams.

The PBX technology needs to detect two beam interruptions in order to signal an alarm, reducing false alarms.

The channel selection allows more than one Beam to be installed in close proximity and not interfere with each other

The digital display is an effective tool for quick alignment and status indication.


  •  Can be used on 10Vdc or 24Vdc systems
  •  Wide voltage range: 10-18Vdc/ac
  •  4 Channel selectable frequencies
  •  Adjustable response time: 50mS to 2S
  •  IP54 equivalent rating - Protected from water spray from any direction.
  •  Dimensions: 17cm x 8cm x 8cm
  •  Available in a 100m version